Welcome to Salon de Noriko!

I am Noriko Kaneyasu.

My life as a therapist began upon entering an Australian university that specializes in natural healing techniques.

In the following eleven years I both studied and worked in Sydney,London,The United States, The Caribbean and Belguim.


During this time I became aware that the all beautiful people shared the same attributes ; wonderful auras and a glistening of skin, hair and expression.

It became clear that by addressing ones physical base, all other aspects of beauty , including skin, hair and appearance, would naturally follow.

I believe therefore, that it is necessary to look  after ones wellbeing through periodical exercise, appropriate diet and meditation.


I have made it my mission to create a space and develop the techniques where one can get in touch with ones physical wellbeing again.

Here, at Salon de Noriko, your energy will be purified, your original brightness revitalized and ultimately your soul reinvigorated.

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