Noriko Kaneyasu

I was born on January 11th 1973 in Kanazawa City

and raised in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture.

At the age of 27 I traveled to Australia to study

Alternative Medicine for 4 years at the Nature Care College, Sydney, New South Wales.

Since graduation,I have treated over 1,800 clients working as a qualified Massage Therapist at the following institutions;

Working Experience

Spa Chakra, 

Sydney's renowned 5 star spa ;

2 years as Massage Therapist.

Steiner Academy,

the world's largest spa company ;

3 months intensive training.

Caribbean Cruise ship 'Conquest'

Carnival Cruise Line ;

8 months as on-board Therapist.

Aveda Concept Salon 'Elements',

Antwerp, Belguim ;

3 years as Massage Therapist.

Serendip Spa,

award winning 5 star spa,

Brussels, Belguim ;

2 years as in-house Therapist Trainer


Diploma of Remedial Massage Practitioner Training 2001, 

Nature Care College,Sydney,Australia

Diploma of Aromatherapy 2003,

Nature Care College,Sydney,Australia

Diploma of Nutrition 2003,

Nature Care College,Sydney,Australia

Swedish Massage 2000,

Nature Care College,Sydney,Australia

Holistic Counseling 2001,

Nature Care College,Sydney,Australia

Limphatic Dranage 2002,

Nature Care College,Sydney,Australia

Business Nutrition Supplement Advisor Diploma 2014,

International Sports Nutrition Foundation,California,USA

Master Diploma 2016,

Chiron Healing Academy,Japan

Member of The International Federation of Aromatherapists

since 2003

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